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Rich RJ Design Inc. is a home decor company dedicated to enhancing everyday household products with both functionality and style. Our flagship product, Big Reel, is a toilet paper dispenser that is designed to add a touch of elegance to any washroom. With its built-in night light and clock, Big Reel is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to turn on bright lights in the middle of the night, making it the ideal gift for home builders and anyone looking to add a functional and decorative touch to their washrooms.

Rich RJ Design Inc. started as a side project to assist friends and family with small, random improvement projects. With a passion for improving household products, Richard has since expanded his reach, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

At Rich RJ Design Inc. we believe that everyday household products can be functional and decorative. We strive to create products that make our customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable while also adding a touch of style to their homes.









Enjoy the Best Bathroom Experience with Rich RJ Design Inc.

Experience the difference between using high-quality products in your bathroom. From our multifunctional toilet paper dispenser with a night light and clock to our durable and stylish mirrors, Rich RJ Design Inc. offers a better bathroom experience.

Meet Richard Pattie, the founder of Rich RJ Design Inc. With a personal interest in improving household items for better looks and functionality, Richard has taken his passion for random improvements to the next level. He is dedicated to creating products that enhance the everyday lives of his customers and make their homes more enjoyable places to be.

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